10 Promises NDP Made on Improving Manitoba’s Cost of Living and Child Care 

The NDP emerged victorious in yesterday’s provincial elections in Manitoba. 

During the campaigns, the NDP pledged Manitobans several things across health, agriculture, economy, education, housing, crime, and other aspects.

NDP Manitoba

Among other pressing issues in the province, a lot of Manitobans are concerned about how the party will handle the cost of living and child care.

The NDP, as confirmed in a CBC report, promised to improve the cost of living by:

The NDP in Manitoba has made several campaign commitments:

    1. Freezing the provincial sales tax
    2. Temporarily removing the provincial gas tax
    3. Freezing of hydroelectricity rates for a year
    4. Continuously offering a 50% provincial property tax rebate while keeping provincial income tax brackets aligned with inflation.
    5. Preventing government interference in Manitoba Public Insurance to maintain its efficiency and effectiveness.
    6. Ceasing the practice of providing education tax rebates to billionaires residing outside of the province.

The party promised to improve Manitoba child care by:

    1. Expanding the availability of $10-a-day child care to regulated non-profit child care centers during school in-service days, weekends and summer months.
    2. Enhancing the flexibility of child care hours to accommodate parents with varying work schedules.
    3. Allocating $1 million for the demolition and reconstruction of the Park Community Centre in Brandon, with a commitment to incorporate a new child care centre within the renovated facility.
    4. Embracing the fiscal framework outlined in the PC’s previous budget, which seeks to establish 23,000 additional child care spaces by 2026.

We hope they put their words into action.

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7 months ago

Our politicians often promise one thing and do another. But for the NDP to be out of the top Manitoba position for 17 years, I don’t think they’ll misuse the opportunity to rewrite their wrongs. It’s a lesson to the PM and other premiers that power belong to the people. Misuse it and have your ass kick out at the polls.

Last edited 7 months ago by Hope