42% of graduates in Ontario consider relocating due to high cost of living and housing – OREA Survey

A recent survey conducted on behalf of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) by Abacus Data shows that 42% of post-secondary graduates in Ontario are looking to relocate due to the high cost of living and housing.


This is coupled with the OREA’s findings that “over half of post-secondary graduates have incurred student debt or loans to finance their education, and of that half, 53% are still currently engaged in repayment.”

The question is, where should they relocate to? Outside the country?

The increasing cost of living and housing extends Ontario. Virtually all the major top cities have similar challenges.

I think both the provincial and federal governments need to look into the OREA’s recommendations on how to address the challenges young graduates are facing in Ontario and beyond.

Source: OREA

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