5 reasons foreign powers like India find it easy to harass Canada

I recently came across a news report in The Washington Post on “Why foreign powers find it so easy to harass their  critics in Canada“. This report is relevant and timely as India is currently hitting Canada back-to-back.

To ease comprehension, I summarized the reasons as follows:

1.  Poor security architecture

It’s shameful that Canada doesn’t have a national security council that coordinates a national security strategy.  This makes governments at all levels vulnerable to inefficient security advice.

Although the federal government notified the public in July about its intention to create a national security council, there have been no follow-up plans since then.

As such, autocratic foreign powers continue to see Canada as a “low-hanging fruit” in the Western world, stated Stephanie Carvin, a former national security analyst.

2. No intelligence sharing

The culture of intelligence sharing across government departments is alien in Canada compared to other Western countries.

According to a former analyst for Canada’s Defense Ministry, Thomas Juneau, Canada’s security agencies tend to work in silos.

This makes it easier for foreign powers to hit the country independent from the knowledge of key domestic security agencies. 

3. Lack of internal focus

I have held the opinion for long that Canada needs to focus more and less on allies. Every country needs allies but no country should lose its identity in pursuit of temporal foreign interest.

As rightly established by Amanda Coletta of The Washington Post, Canada’s “military shortfalls are straining ties with allies.”

A former analyst at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Jessica Davis believes that Canadians often feel safe in their country.

“But there have been some geopolitical shifts recently in which our allies can’t necessarily come to our defense the same way that they used to,” Jessica confirmed. 

4. Unmanaged cultural tolerance 

A political scientist at the University of Waterloo, Bessma Momani believes that Canadian culture encourages diaspora communities to retain their immigrant identities. That is not the case in other Western countries, especially the United States.

The big implication of this, as rightly noted by Amanda, is that:

“Newcomers often remain engaged in home politics or activism, which can make them vulnerable targets of their home governments or those government’s supporters in Canada.”

While cultural tolerance is a good virtue, there should be thorough regulation of foreign cultural practices in the country.

5. Weak political will

Amanda recalled a 2017 Amnesty International report that shows “a pattern of harassment and intimidation” of human rights activists in Canada by the Chinese government or its agents.” 

Surprisingly, the person who collected testimony for those reports, But Cheuk Kwan regrets that: 

“There was no direct response from the government. The government, the intelligence agency and the [Royal Canadian Mounted Police are] conveniently ignoring our plea and not taking us at face value.”

Folks, our government must show the world in words and deeds that it’s committed to protecting the lives and properties of Canadians.

What other reasons do you think make foreign countries harass us?

Source: The Washington Posts

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