A retiree loses $300,000 as Canada Post misplaced inheritance cheque

Louıs Kavaratzıs came into possession of an inheritance exceeding $300,000, left by his late father.

However, the certified cheque representing his portion mysteriously disappeared during transit between his brother’s location in eastern Ontario and his own residence in Quebec.

Both parties maintain that neither Canada Post nor TD Bank has been particularly helpful in resolving the matter.

Canada Post issued an apology and initiated an investigation.

Canada Post, in a statement, apologized to the brothers for the unfortunate delivery experience and is currently investigating.

Spokesperson Janick Cormier mentioned that they haven’t located the envelope yet, but they are taking the concerns seriously and have conducted extensive searches. However, no compensation has been offered to the brothers.

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/lite/story/1.6973897

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