Air Canada Apologizes For Violating Disability Act By Forcing Wheelchair Passenger Off Flight

Earlier I reported Air Canada forced a BC man, Rodney Hodgins out of flight due to lack of wheelchair assistance.

Air Canada has issued an apology for violating the Canadian Disability Act over the issue. 

Rodney Hodgins
Rodney Hodgins

Rodney, who has cerebral palsy and typically relies on an aisle chair for help, endured significant pain as he pulled himself through the plane’s aisle to the front without assistance. 

The incident received national and international attention, prompting Air Canada’s apology and an offer of $2,000 in flight credits. 

Deanna Hodgins, Rodney’s wife, called the admission of wrongdoing “a victory” but emphasized the need for meaningful change to prevent such incidents in the future.

The Las Vegas incident involving the Hodgins was discussed in Canada’s Parliament, with lawmakers condemning the mistreatment of Rodney. 

Canada’s Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, expressed horror at the situation and stressed that individuals with disabilities deserve equal rights and access while travelling. 

His office is investigating the incident, and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has initiated its own inquiry. Rodney, who hoped to bring about change, didn’t anticipate the incident garnering such widespread attention.

Source: CBC News

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6 months ago

Measures should be in place to prevent reoccurrence. Apologies and flight credits not enough.