All your questions answered on Canada’s plan to ban gas vehicles and embrace EVs

The federal Liberals have announced a plan for Canada to shift away from fully gas-powered vehicles, mandating that all sales of passenger cars, SUVs, crossovers, and light trucks be hybrids, electric, or hydrogen-powered by 2035. 

The following are answers to the common questions people are asking: 

Canadians Forum Questions

Q: Can Canada’s electrical grid support the transition to electric vehicles?

A: Experts believe it can, but significant work is required. A 2020 report suggests a potential 22.6% increase in electrical power demand by 2050 due to EVs. The federal government acknowledges the need for over $400 billion to achieve a net-zero grid by 2035. Critics argue this might increase prices and affect electricity reliability.

Q: What about concerns for rural Canadians without access to charging stations?

A: The incomplete charging network, especially in rural areas, is a concern. Automakers may face fines or need credits for installing more charging stations. Natural Resources Canada estimates the need for 442,000 to 469,000 public charging ports by 2035. A combination of private and public funding will build this network progressively.

Q: How will the plan accommodate cold climates where EV efficiency is reduced?

A: Plug-in hybrids with an all-electric range of 80 kilometres or more will remain eligible for sale in 2035 and beyond to address concerns about EV efficiency in cold conditions. The government emphasizes advancements in battery technology and notes that EVs dominate sales in Norway despite cold weather.

Q: What if someone lives in an apartment or condo without charging capacity?

A: Most rental apartments lack the capacity for in-house EV charging. Condo owners face challenges installing charging stations due to high costs and resistance. The federal government is funding EV chargers in multi-dwelling builds and working on changes to the Canadian Electrical Code to make new residential buildings EV-ready.

Q: What purchase incentives are available for electric vehicles?

A: The federal government provides a $5,000 rebate for fully electric vehicles and $2,500 for hybrids within specified price points. Provinces like Quebec, British Columbia, and Atlantic provinces offer additional rebates ranging from $500 to $8,000. The federal government encourages all provinces to support the EV plans.

Source: CBC News

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