B.C. Witnesses Record Outflow to Alberta in Unprecedented Migration Trend

British Columbia has experienced its highest interprovincial migration losses in two decades, with over 12,800 people leaving the province for other parts of Canada since July 2022, according to Statistics Canada. CBC News reported.

This marks the first time in ten years that B.C. has seen 15 consecutive months of more people moving out-of-province than arriving. 

Alberta is the primary destination for this exodus. In the period from July to September 2023 alone, B.C. lost a net total of 4,634 people to other provinces, the second-largest quarterly dip since 2004

Despite this, B.C. set a migration record last quarter, adding 151,437 people to its population in 2023, largely due to international immigrants. The province’s population has risen by approximately 4.2% in the last year.

While B.C. is second only to Ontario in interprovincial losses, Alberta has consistently gained population from interprovincial moves for five consecutive quarters, recording an increase of 17,094 people last quarter. Most of Alberta’s gains are attributed to exchanges with Ontario and B.C. 

The Alberta government recently ended its “Alberta is Calling” campaign, which aimed to attract Canadians with promises of “bigger paycheques” and “smaller rent cheques.” 

Despite the positive growth, B.C.’s Housing Minister, Ravi Kahlon, expressed concern over the rising cost of living and record-high rents, emphasizing the need for infrastructure to support population growth.

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5 months ago

I’m not surprised.