B.C Places 2-Year Ban on New Colleges Admitting International Students

The province of British Columbia is implementing a two-year ban on new post-secondary institutions enrolling international students, aiming to address issues within the international education system. 

This is coming shortly after the federal government reduced the number of international students for two years.

B.C. Post-Secondary Education Minister Selina Robinson highlighted concerns such as poor-quality education, lack of instructors, and misleading practices by certain private institutions. The freeze intends to prevent institutions from taking advantage of students and misrepresenting the nature of courses. 

British Columbia

Additionally, the province plans to establish minimum language requirements at private institutions to better prepare international students. 

The move is part of an effort to curb exploitative practices and enhance the overall quality of education for international students in B.C. Robinson emphasized the need to protect students who might hesitate to complain due to concerns about their visas

The ban offers a two-year window for the province to assess recent changes, including the federal government’s limit on study permits. B.C. Premier David Eby stressed the importance of addressing issues within the international education system, acknowledging that some institutions are not meeting expectations. 

The B.C. Federation of Students welcomed the changes as a “good first step” and emphasized the need to prioritize students’ needs while addressing exploitative international recruitment practices. 

The province aims to set clear expectations for maximum international student enrolment levels, communicate full tuition costs transparently, and establish higher assessment criteria for degree quality and student supports. The two-year pause on new institutions enrolling international students is set to last until February 2026.

Source: CBC News

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