Canada Has Relocated Some Diplomats Out of India — Ahead of The Deadline?

In recent weeks, the Canadian government has transferred some of its lower-level diplomatic personnel from their assignments outside of Delhi to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. This decision has coincided with a continuing diplomatic dispute between Canada and India.

Canada vs India

The Indian government has earlier this week asked Canada to reduce its diplomatic personnel in New Delhi by 41 personnel before October 10. India has also threatened to revoke the diplomatic immunity of restricted diplomats who remain beyond the deadline.

However, the Canadian government maintains that its decision to relocate diplomatic staff outside of Delhi is not directly linked to India’s recent demand for Canada to downsize its diplomatic representation.

Source: CBC News

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7 months ago

Why relocate within the span of the deadline? The disrespect from Indian is getting out of hand. Trudeau should fast-track the investigation and let’s give them a big blow should the investigation come out positive.