Canada Reduces Student Visas For 2 Years

Canada is reducing student visas for the next two years, aiming to curb unsustainable growth in the international student population. 

Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced a cap of 360,000 undergraduate study permits for 2024, aiming for a 35% reduction from 2023

Marc Miller
Marc Miller

Provinces will receive allocated portions based on population, with the goal of decreasing numbers where growth has been most unsustainable. This move addresses concerns about the housing market impact and targets institutions taking advantage of international students.

Additionally, attestation letters from provinces or territories will be required for international students applying for permits. Changes to the post-graduation work permit program include ineligibility for certain curriculum licensing arrangements and the introduction of three-year work permits for graduates of short graduate-level programs. 

These measures seek to ensure quality education for international students and combat exploitative practices in the sector.

The 2025 limit will be determined by the end of this year. 

Source: CBC News

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