“Canada’s descent into ignorance shocks the world”:  Summary of Douglas Murray’s Article

Douglas Murray, a famous British writer has expressed his disappointment over the recent honouring of an ex-Nazi soldier by former Speaker Anothy Rota.

In the introduction of his trending article published on National Posts, Murray makes it clear that “Canada today looks like a nation of ignoramuses.”

Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray

Murray criticizes Prime Minister Trudeau for calling decent, ordinary Canadians Nazis and using measures like de-banking his critics.

He believes that Canadian society is filled with opinion yet utterly lacking in wisdom, including any knowledge of the world’s history and an increasing ignorance of their own country’s history.

Overall, Murray’s opinion piece highlights Canada’s descent into ignorance and how it is shocking the world.

A lot of Canadians are praising Murray for his piece that perfectly depicts the current state of Canada. 

The standing ovation was indeed the lowest point in Canada’s history. Canadians Forum exists to restore the lost glory of our dear country by bridging any gap that will lead to our downfall. I invite you to join us in this great movement.

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