A Canadian who faced car damage liability for installing anti-theft device lost the car after removing the device

Late last month I reported the case of Mitchell Levine who was left helpless following the damage of his car after installing an anti-theft app.  

Shortly after installing an anti-theft app on his new Lexus RX 350h, Levine’s car developed a serious problem that they had to tow it to the dealer.

But the car dealer refused to offer a warranty because they believe that the fault was from the anti-theft installation and they don’t have coverage for that.

Mitchell Levine
Mitchell Levine | CBC News

The New York resident was left helpless as he had to fund the $20,000 repair cost from his pocket 

Unfortunately for Levine, the car was stolen on October 3 from a TTC parking lot after the dealership instructed him to remove the anti-theft device. CBC News reports.

It’s worth noting that Levine’s car model, Lexus RX series, is the most stolen car in Ontario.

This incident marks the second occasion in just nine months where Levine and his wife lost a brand-new Lexus to theft. 

More worrying is the fact that this is the third time in the past year that they have had a vehicle stolen.

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7 months ago

Oh my bad. That’s very unfortunate for Levine.