Canadian soldiers asking for donations to make ends meet   

According to a briefing note written by Chaplains to the chief of the defence staff, many Canadian soldiers are struggling with the high cost of living and morale is at its lowest in recent memory. 

The note states that more Armed Forces members are asking for help to make ends meet, and some soldiers are considering leaving the military to avoid postings in certain locations. 

Canadian Soldiers

Recent changes to the military’s housing allowance mean that more junior members will get help, but more senior members say they’re struggling to find housing

The memo also notes that staff shortages at many bases and wings have led to “ever-present” tensions and conflicts in the workplace.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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Don Fitzgibbon
7 months ago

This is criminal that such things are needed . The military is going to be very important going forward from both the defense standpoint and the fact that they are being dispatched to natural disasters . IMO the military needs to be updated and expanded for defense and also a division dedicated to disaster relief such as FEMA represents in the USA . Every government for several decades is responsible for the current situation and this has to be rectified