Canadian Startup Predicts The Legalization of Cocaine in Canada  

Just over a week ago a former Indian diplomat alleged that cocaine was found on Trudeau’s plane and he missed the G20 dinner because he was high.

Cocaine Sniffing

Yesterday, Toronto Sun reported that a Canadian startup known as Safe Supply Streaming Co. has recently made its debut on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Their business model is primarily built upon the anticipation that legalizing cocaine may become a reality in the future. 

The company is banking on what is being referred to as a potential “third wave” of policy changes, which could involve the decriminalization of hard drugs. This follows a trend similar to the measures taken to mainstream cannabis and psychedelics.

Safe Supply Streaming Co. intends to expand its portfolio by acquiring businesses that stand to benefit from such a policy shift. This includes companies involved in the production of fentanyl test strips, addiction clinics, and even energy drinks potentially containing controlled substances.

It is crucial to emphasize that there is currently no concrete data supporting the notion that legalizing and regulating cocaine would necessarily address the issue of overdose deaths effectively. 

A typical example is Vancouver which grapples with a persistent addiction crisis and drug-related crimes, despite efforts to implement safer drug use policies.

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7 months ago

I’m not surprised, honestly speaking. This is just to confirm the allegation of the Indian diplomat.