“They Will Never Investigate Themselves” — Canadians React As Trudeau’s Government Shutdown Auditor General Testimony on ArriveCAN Investigation 

ArriveCAN is a free app that was introduced in April 2020 by the Canadian government to help travellers comply with border measures and provide mandatory travel information required for entry into Canada.

The app can be used to submit travel and contact information, quarantine plans, and COVID-19 symptom self-assessments before and after arriving in Canada.

However, there have been reports of technical issues with the app, such as difficulty in uploading documents and delays in receiving confirmation of submission. Some travellers have also reported privacy concerns regarding the collection of personal information by the government.


In addition to the above isses, the RCMP started inestigating $54-worth million contracts awarded under the ArriveCAN App. The investigation centered on the misconduct involving the outsourced IT company that Canada Border Services used to develop the app.

The Globe and Mail published additional information on Monday regarding the outsourcing of ArriveCAN work to a two-person team in Ottawa, which operates without physical offices.

“Why is the federal government paying millions to a 2-person [unidentified] company, to then hire other companies to do their work? Can’t the public service hire the companies directly, or perform IT work in-house?”, a reporter asked.

Memembers of the Public Accounts committee held an “emergency meeting” with Auditor General Karen Hogan today for more clarifications.  Unfortunately, they ended up shutting down the Auditor’s testimony.

Read some of the reactions of Canadians below:

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