“Nothing to Say About Hamas?” — Canadians React to National Council of Canadian Muslims’ One-Sided Statement on Israel-Palestine Conflict

“The National Council of Canadian Muslims [NCCM], which rakes in federal funding from Canadian taxpayers, manages to finally contrive a four-part statement that does not condemn the terrorist attack on Israel and makes no mention of Hamas even once“, perfectly summarized by Andy Lee (@RealAndyLeeShow) on Twitter.

Read the full statements of the NCCM below as posted on their Twitter (X) handle:

“The last 24+ hours have been painful. We have seen images coming out of the Middle East that are horrific.

Images of Israeli attacks on Gaza, flattening mosques, ambulances, hospitals, and civilian targets. Images of Palestinian and Israeli civilians in immense suffering.

We have heard the promise of extremist leaders like Netanyahu to reduce cities to rubble out of a desire for vengeance, a promise to commit war crimes, with the notion that the citizens of Gaza can flee – which they cannot.

Canada must continue to stand up for human rights on our long-standing positions – against illegal settlements, for international human rights law, against the targeting of religious sites, against the targeting of civilians.

Canadians and as Muslims – we must stand on the side of justice. We stand against generations of oppression, occupation, and against attacking the innocent. Period.”

Below are some of the reactions of Canadians: 

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7 months ago

I’m not surprised at all given their precedence. But they must be defunded as well.

7 months ago
Reply to  Hope

So unfortunate, to say the least