Deel Canada Services Inc.

This is a follow-up to this question. 

I want to know the range of services offered by Deel in Canada. I know of payroll, HR, global hiring and taxes. Anything else?

I want to be sure of what I’m recommending for my company. I couldn’t My company looking to work with them.

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6 months ago

The following is the comprehensive list of Deel Canada services: 

  • Global hiring 
  • Onboarding
  • Offboarding
  • benefits
  • taxes
  • payroll
  • payslips
  • Government declarations
  • Locally compliant contracts 
  • Automation on expenses, invoicing, time off, and more
  • Global payroll reports
  • Payroll management centralization 
  • Compliance with local payroll regulation 
  • Sponsor visas 
  • Ongoing visa support 
  • Support from local immigration experts
  • HR reports
  • Org charts
  • Etc.