Gaza Strip Evacuees To Be Granted Immigration Status in Canada — Immigration Minister Marc Miller

Immigration Minister Marc Miller addressed the immigration status and support for evacuees from the Gaza Strip seeking refuge in Canada. 

Marc Miller
Marc Miller

Amid ongoing negotiations between Israel and Egypt, facilitated by Qatar, the federal government aims to secure safe passage for over 400 individuals with connections to Canada. 

The Rafah border crossing has allowed a slow trickle of evacuees, including 75 from Canada, who are permitted to stay in Egypt for 72 hours. The list comprises Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible family members lacking immigration status.

Family members without Canadian citizenship or permanent residency will receive temporary status upon arrival in Canada, with potential consideration for work permits. Settlement services and income support for arrivals from Gaza will depend on their Canadian families, and the Immigration Department will assess their needs accordingly.

While the Gaza Strip faces continuous bombardment, the focus remains on evacuating Canadians. The border closure hinders consideration of welcoming refugees from the region, emphasizing security and policy considerations. Despite these challenges, Canada pledges humane treatment for those escaping the war.

Once Canadians exit Gaza, the government will assess the need for an evacuation from neighbouring Lebanon, where Israeli troops and Hezbollah militants have been clashing for a month. Miller expresses hope that such considerations won’t materialize, as their occurrence would signify an escalation in the conflict.

As negotiations and evacuations continue, the government navigates the complexities of individual circumstances and the broader geopolitical landscape, prioritizing the safety and well-being of those seeking refuge in Canada.

Source: The Canadian Press 

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