Girl Guides to Shun Santa Claus Parade Due to Secularism Policy

The Kanata Santa Claus Parade in Ottawa’s west end is returning this year, but the local Girl Guides will not be participating due to their secularism policy.

Kanata South Coun. Allan Hubley reached out to various community groups to invite them to join the parade, but the Girl Guides declined, citing Girl Guides of Canada’s (GGC) wider diversity, equity, and inclusion policy.

GGC is a secular organization, meaning it doesn’t align with any religion or faith-based beliefs, behaviours, or traditions. Their primary goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space for girls and women of all religious affiliations, as well as those with none. They avoid participating in events with religious roots, such as Christmas parades, to prevent turning away potential members who do not share those beliefs.

While GGC did not provide an interview, they reiterated their commitment to secularism through CEO Shannon Benner. The organization aims to ensure all its activities are secular to offer inclusivity. Girl Guide leaders in the area confirmed that they won’t be part of the parade due to this policy.

Allan Hubley expressed disappointment in the decision and highlighted the contrast with the Scouts, who will still participate in the parade. He hopes to see the Girl Guides at the parade and emphasizes that the event is about celebrating the spirit of caring, giving, and kindness during the holiday season.

Source: CTV News

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