What is the guarantee that Poilievre will do better than Trudeau?

We all know the events that led to Justin Trudeau’s victory. The Conservatives lowered the bar so low that anyone who led the position was guaranteed to win.

We’re at that point again. All polls point to Conservative Pierre Poilievre for obvious reasons.

No doubt, Poilievre is good at voicing out our common grievances which is expected of every opposition Leader. 

But can he match his words with action? I’m not convinced yet. 

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6 months ago

Anyone can outperform Trudeau including you and me.

Don Fitzgibbon
6 months ago

Poilievre will be worse than Trudeau because of the basic beliefs and the constitution of the conservative party . No social services is the mantra of the conservatives and in the situation we are facing many people will fall through the cracks with no social supports and giving more money to the corporate world will not trickle down to the bottom and it never has done so . We need someone focused on everyday Canadians and not another corporate shill .

Don Fitzgibbon
6 months ago
Reply to  Hope

I’m disappointed with Trudeau’s performance but I will add that he had more pressure than any PM since WW2 and the propaganda program from the conservatives didn’t help either . Having said that I am very concerned about the class structure that is a mainstay of conservative thinking . If everyone was financially successful there programs would work fine but that is not the case . Since NAFTA came into effect we have lost far too many jobs that provided decent wages and pensions and far too many people live on the edge of disaster . Poilievre’s policies will make that situation worse if he gets a majority in the next election . We can’t afford him