Happy Maple Leaf 🍁 Day! 

Maple Leaf Day is celebrated every last Wednesday in September. 

The day is marked to increase awareness about the effect of pollution and the need for preventing the environment by using trees. 

As such, the day is celebrated by growing at least one species of Maple across every province and territory. 

Here’s a background of the Maple Leaf:

“The Maple Leaf was adopted as the emblem of French Canadians in the early-1700s.

In 1834, during the first meeting of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, the first mayor of Montreal stated that the Maple Leaf was “the king of our forest…the symbol of the Canadian people.”

By 1868, the Maple Leaf was found on the coat of arms of Ontario and Quebec. It was added to the Canadian coat of arms in 1921.

In 1867, Alexander Muir composed The Maple Leaf Forever, an unofficial anthem for English-Canada.

From 1876 to 1901, the Maple Leaf appeared on coins, and was printed on the penny after 1901.

Lastly, in 1965, the new Canadian flag was introduced, featuring a prominent red Maple Leaf on the front.”

Source: Canadian History Ehx

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