Here are the 2023 Best Cities in Canada (Québec & BC Lead with 2 Spots Each)

In Travel + Leisure’s 2023 World Best Awards, which celebrate Canada’s finest cities, hotels, spas, and resorts, two Quebec destinations achieved top-five rankings among the country’s best cities.

Specifically, both Montreal and Quebec City secured prominent positions in this prestigious ranking.

Travel+Leisure conducted a survey where readers rated cities based on various criteria like culture, food, and more.

Over 685,000 votes were collected from almost 165,000 readers covering 8,500 properties and destinations.

Quebec City ranked first with a reader score of nearly 86, based on its European ambiance, iconic landmarks, and French-speaking atmosphere.

Travel+Leisure highlighted Montreal as a charming winter destination, known for its romantic atmosphere with twinkling lights on snow-covered streets.

Here’s Travel+Leisure’s reader-ranked list of the best Canadian cities in 2023:

  1. Quebec City, Quebec (85.85)
  2. Victoria, British Columbia (85.09)
  3. Montreal, Quebec (83.32)
  4. Vancouver, British Columbia (82.69)
  5. Toronto, Ontario (81.55)


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