House of Commons Votes For a New Speaker Today 

The House of Commons will be voting for a new speaker today who will replace Anthony Rota, who resigned for honouring an ex-Nazi soldier.

Canada House of Commons

All MPs, CTV News rightly noted, are eligible for the position. But the following are the names of MPs that made it to the ballot box: 

    • MP Alexandra Mendes (Assistant Deputy Speaker, Liberal Quebec)

    • MP Greg Fergus (Parliamentary Secretary, Liberal Quebec)

    • MP Sean Casey (Liberal P.E.I.)

    • MP Stephane Lauzon (Liberal Quebec)

    • MP Peter Schiefke (Liberal Quebec)

    • MP Chris d’Entremont; (Deputy Speaker, Conservative Nova Scotia)

    • MP Carol Hughes (Assistant Deputy Speaker, NDP Ontario)

    • MP Elizabeth May (Green B.C.) in absentia

Who do you want to see take over?

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