How a Landlord Killed His Two Tenants in Hamilton, Ontario — SIU Report

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has disclosed crucial information about a prolonged standoff involving Hamilton police and a landlord who tragically took the lives of his two tenants on May 27.

Credit: CBC News

The SIU’s report, released after a thorough investigation that included surveillance footage, 911 calls, and interviews with witnesses and officers, sheds light on the events leading up to, during, and after the incident.

The report outlines a dispute between the landlord and tenants, Carissa MacDonald and Aaron Stone, over property damage payments. It also suggests a potential link to a mold complaint in the rental unit.

Late Carissa and Aaron pictured with their dog (Credit: Victoria Green)

The SIU’s findings indicate a history of threats from the landlord toward MacDonald, culminating in a fatal confrontation when he returned with a firearm after a dispute over payment. MacDonald called 911 before gunshots were heard.

The report further reveals the landlord’s chilling phone call, inquiring about the fate of MacDonald and Stone, followed by a request for police to apologize to their families.

The landlord’s standoff with the police ultimately ended with a justified use of force, and the discovery of prohibited firearms in his possession.

MacDonald and Stone, remembered as warm and caring individuals, tragically lost their lives in an act of unnecessary violence.

Source: CBC News

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