⚠️How Canadians Forum Works & How To Use It

Welcome to Canadians Forum, an online home for all Canadians.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how the forum works and how to use it. 


To register on the forum, you need to click on the “Register” button👇

Fill the boxes


  • Your username can’t be changed. You can use your username in place of your email to log in
  • Your first and last name are what people would see when they view your profile, or when you post or comment.
  • Your password must have at least one lowercase letter, one capital letter and one number.
  • After you enter the information, check your email inbox for verification email.
  • Once you verified your email, log in to your account using your username or email and your password.

👉Next thing is to update your profile.

After you log in, you should update your profile by clicking on the “Profile” button👇

Then click on the “Edit Profile” button under settings👇

👉Next is to upload your picture, describe yourself, and click on the “Update Profile” button👇

Congrats, you’re good to go! 

Profile view 

Your profile would look like this👇


  • When you click on the first arrow on the left, you will see the highlight of all the posts you published on the forum.
  • When you click on the second arrow, you will see all the comments you made on the forum. 

👉When you click on someone’s name on the forum, you will see the same profile view. For example, here’s the profile view of Jay👇

That ☝️highlights Jay’s posts.

That ☝️highlights Jay’s comments

Account Settings 

To change your name, email address, password or web notifications, or delete your account, click on “Account“👇

Next, click on what you want to do👇

⚠️Remember, you can’t change your username.

How to Use the Forum

Top Posts

The Top Posts on the homepage comprise relevant posts across different categories. They’re arranged based on their importance and engagement (not recency).

To see the latest post or view posts mainly on a particular subject, navigate to the “Forum Categories” at the button on the homepage and click on your preferred category. 👇

How to add a post 

Click on the “Add Post” button 👇

Fix the boxes👇

👉Click submit.


  • Your post should comply with the forum rules
  • Your title should be descriptive 
  • If none of the available categories suit your title, select uncategorized under the categories

After submitting the post, it will immediately appear under the Top Posts section. Based on its relevance, Admin may push it to the top of the Top Posts section.

To see the post you published, navigate to the results under the Top Posts section. 

💡Tips on having your posts at the top of the Top Posts section:

  • Your posts should have a national appeal 
  • Your post should be descriptive and relevant
  • Your post should be unique, not plagiarized or copied and pasted from other platforms without due reference. 

How to edit posts

Authors can edit their posts by clicking on the “Edit Post” feature under their posts.👇

After making the necessary corrections, click on “Update” 👇

👉You can now go back to the homepage to open the post and see the changes.

How to comment 

Click on the post that interests you and navigate to the end of the post👇


  • Your comments should comply with the forum rules
  • You can click on the “Subscribe” button to subscribe to all comments on the post or subscribe to replies on your comments.  

Your activities 

Under the comment section, you can click on the settings button to see your comments, notifications, people you’re following, and media you published. 👇

⚠️You can delete your activities individually or in bulk.

To follow a person, click on where the arrowing is pointing under comments 👇

Media attachments

You can click on the media symbol under the comment section to easily see comments or replies with media attachments. 

Author role under comments

You can pin a comment to make it stick at the stop by clicking on “Stick” under the comment settings.👇

You can stop members from replying to someone’s comment on your post by clicking on “Close” under the comment settings. 👇

Upcoming Updates

  • Batches for recognition of members that post relevant and engaging content. 
  • Profile pictures to be displayed on mobile view under comments
  • Any features you requested 

Note: All times are UTC-04:00

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