India revokes diplomatic immunity of 41 Canadian diplomats today 

Earlier this month India asked Canada to reduce the number of diplomats in its country by October 10 or risk revoking their diplomatic immunity. This is an escalation of an ongoing dispute over the killing of a Sikh separatist in Vancouver.

A few days after the notice, the Canadian government reported that it “transferred some of its lower-level diplomatic personnel from their assignments outside of Delhi to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.” 

One thought that India would change its decision with this move even though the Canadian government said its decision to relocate diplomats outside of Delhi is not directly linked to India’s recent demand.

Yesterday Foreign Affairs Minister confirmed that India will remove the diplomatic immunities of 41 Canadian diplomats today which may endanger the lives of the diplomats and their 42 dependents. As a result of this, the Minister confirms that the 41 Canadian diplomats have left India yesterday.

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