10 Key Issues The Israel-Palestine War Took Our Attention From 

Over the past week, our attention has shifted from things that concern us directly to things that concern us indirectly.

In as much as we need to connect with the world, we can’t save the world. So it’s only wise that we focus on what we can control.

I find it disturbing that we’re not discussing the key issues that affect us directly as we follow what’s happening in Israel

  1. Hunka = out of the news
  2. Ukraine aid = out of the news
  3. India hit = out of the news
  4. Cocaine = out of the news
  5. Inflation = out of the news
  6. Housing crisis = out of the news
  7. Parents rights = out of the news
  8. Trudeau media censorship = out of the news
  9. Unregulated mass immigration = out of the news
  10. Alberta pension plan = out of the news

This distraction will only benefit our leaders who are always looking for an opportunity to shift our attention away from their failures.

But the more we shift our attention from these issues, the more we make them fruitful. This can result in something similar to what’s happening in Israel.

Let’s set our priorities right.

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7 months ago

I think the war is bigger than all of this Paul, notwithstanding the importance of the issues you underlined. Allowing the war to escalate will be of no good to anyone in the world.

Don Fitzgibbon
7 months ago

I am very suspicious about the whole situation . We have issues that we are unable to rectify in any sort of acceptable timetable and the costs of any solution will be impossible to afford . Is this the reason wars are starting ? War always provides an opportunity to reset and move past the outstanding issues . I might be paranoid about this but the problems we face have no realistic solution other than creating an event of drastic emergencies to allow major course adjustments