NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Retains Confidence Vote with Declining Support

During the NDP party’s convention in Hamilton yesterday, Jagmeet Singh retained his position as the leader of the party with 81% support of delegates, dismissing a leadership convention. 

The confidence of delegates in Singh continues to decline as he got 87% support in the previous vote of 2021. That was also lower compared to the previous 2018 vote where he got 90.7% support.

During his keynote speech, Singh defended the NDP’s confidence-and-supply agreement with the Liberals. 

He acknowledged that questions had arisen about collaborating with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, particularly regarding Trudeau’s performance. 

The agreement, signed in 2022, saw the NDP providing votes on key legislation in exchange for the advancement of NDP policy priorities by the Liberals.

Jagmeet Singh speaking at the NDP convention in Hamilton
Jagmeet Singh speaking at the NDP convention in Hamilton | The Canadian Press/Peter Power

The convention gathered a range of views from NDP delegates, with some supporting the agreement and others criticizing it for not going far enough. 

Facing a critical leadership review vote, Singh justified the NDP’s continued partnership with the Liberals, emphasizing their push for expanded dental care coverage for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The NDP-Liberal agreement also includes commitments to passing the Canada Pharmacare Act and purchasing essential medicines in bulk by the end of the agreement. 

Among other things, Singh also highlighted the NDP’s potential and achievements, with the four seats they have in the House of Commons.

During the convention, delegates passed a motion supporting the termination of the agreement if the Liberals failed to deliver on pharmacare, emphasizing the need for a universal and public pharmacare program. 

They also declared the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, following Indira Gandhi’s assassination, a genocide, despite the Indian government’s refusal to do so.

Source: CBC News

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7 months ago

That’s highest political position he can attain. He should stop deceiving himself eyeing the apex seat