Judge Approves Canada’s Largest Settlement Agreement of $23 Billion for First Nations Child Welfare 

The Federal Court has approved a historic $23 billion settlement, marking the largest in Canadian history, aimed at providing compensation to First Nations children and families who endured racial discrimination due to chronic underfunding of on-reserve foster care systems and family services by the Ottawa government.

This agreement stems from a 2019 ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT), which mandated Ottawa to pay the maximum human rights penalty of $40,000 per affected First Nations child and family member. 

Although the government initially resisted the ruling, it eventually settled after confronting two class action lawsuits, including one initiated by the Assembly of First Nations that was later merged with another lawsuit. 

In addition to the $23 billion compensation, the government has allocated an extra $20 billion for implementing long-term reforms in the on-reserve child welfare system and family services.

Source: CBC News

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