JUST IN: NDP Asks House Speaker to Resign For Honouring Hunka

The honouring of Yaroslav Hunka on Friday, by House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota continues to generate outrage among many Canadians, not just the Jewish community that demanded an apology on Sunday. 

Rota is being knocked for honouring Hunka, who fought in the Second World War under a Nazis formation.

Following wide condemnation of such an act within and outside the country, Rota apologized on Sunday and regretted his action.

At the opening of Parliament on Monday, the House of Commons Speaker apologized again before MPs for the embarrassing act that was taken based on his personal decision. He emotionally told the house: 

“I am deeply sorry I offended many with my gesture and remarks,” CBC News observed. He added, “I want to really tell you that the intention was not to embarrass the house”

But some MPs expected the Speaker to resign, not only offer apologies.

Seeing that the Speaker had no such plan, the house leader of the NDP, Peter Julian moved that the Speaker can’t continue in his role following his embarrassing act. Julian believes that:

“The Speaker has to be above reproach. This is an unforgivable error that puts the entire House in disrepute. Unfortunately, I believe a sacred trust has been broken,” CBC News noted.

Could Julian motion see the light of the day? It depends on how many MPs across party lines share the same sentiment. 

Source: CBC News 

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