Lessons for Other Premiers As Alberta Invokes Sovereignty Act Against Ottawa

It’s no more news that Alberta has invoked the Sovereignty Act for the first time since its enactment late 2022, to kick against the federal federal government’s proposed Clean Electricity Regulations (CER).

What are the lessons for other premiers? 

1. Provincial autonomy

Alberta’s use of the Sovereignty Act highlights the province’s commitment to maintaining autonomy and resisting federal regulations perceived as detrimental. 

Lesson: Other premiers could consider the importance of defining and safeguarding their autonomy for the interest of their subjects.

2. Legal mechanisms for opposition

The introduction and use of the Sovereignty Act demonstrate the significance of having legal mechanisms in place to oppose federal legislation. 

Lesson: Other premiers should learn the value of enacting legislation that allows them to challenge or resist federal laws that clash with their interests.

3. Alternative solutions

 Alberta’s consideration of a Crown corporation to protect private electricity providers suggests exploring alternative solutions when faced with federal regulations. 

Lesson: Other premiers should learn the importance of proactive problem-solving, such as creating entities that can ensure stability and investment in critical sectors.

What other lessons could you think of? 

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6 months ago

Man they know all the basics, they just don’t give a F.

Don Fitzgibbon
6 months ago

This is the ultimate foolishness . She will take Alberta down and hopefully the rest of Canada survives her power plays . It highlights , to me that if we want a secure future the provincial governments are becoming detrimental to a united Canada and they should be limited in their power . We need a strong central government but the squabbles created by the premiers who are trying to build their own little kindoms , are bad for all of us

6 months ago
Reply to  Don Fitzgibbon

I agree with you 100%. The fact we run a confederation doesn’t imply all the con-federating units are equal. I think it’s time Smiths understand that she’s going extreme in her consistent hit backs against Ottawa. This will not only affect her political career, but the future of Alberta as a whole.