List of Fake Loan Companies in Canada [100+]

Are you looking to confirm whether a given loan company in Canada is legit? You’re in the right place.

Here I list all the fake loan companies in Canada that I came across. 

I will keep updating the list as I come across others. If you know of others, you’re free to list them in the comments.

My listing methodology is based on the following 12 factors:

  • Advance fees: Most fake loan companies in Canada seek advance payment for insurance and upfront coverage of the loan.
  • Limited information: Little is known about them and their loans such as their physical address, licensing, staff and so on.
  • Fake address: It’s common to find that the address provided by a fake loan company doesn’t match.
  • Unsecured website: When a company website is not secure with “HTTPS” and other security protocols, it’s a big red flag.
  • No credit check: Most of them don’t look at credit scores at all. 
  • Extremely to interest: Most of them offer extremely low-interest rates to entice unsuspecting borrowers.
  • Loan guarantee: Some of the fake loan companies offer a loan guarantee even before providing your details.
  • Unclear loan terms: Their loan terms and conditions are often unclear even after applying for their loans. 
  • Unofficial email: Some of them use unofficial emails like Gmail and Yahoo to contact prospects instead of using a domain email that originates from their website.
  • Grammatical errors: This is self-explanatory.
  • Plagiarism: Most of the fake loan companies in Canada plagiarize the content of one another without any regard. For example, when you visit two different fake loan companies’ websites, you may notice that the only difference is the name and logo. The content and design are the same.
  • Information manipulation: Some of them will collect your personal information to initiate a loan on your behalf, sell your information or compromise your information to the extent of affecting your credit score.

Note that a company can be considered a fake from a combination of the above factors or a single factor. 

The following listing comprises fake loan companies in Canada with websites. Although some of the websites are no longer active, which may be due to domain expiring or hosting suspension following reports of their scandalous activities. However, they may still be operating under a different website or without a website.

To easily confirm whether a given loan company is fake, check the name on the table of contents below or use the “Find” button on your browser.

Without further ado, let’s explore the fake loan companies in Canada, their websites and why they’re fake.

1. Quick Cash 500

2. Oligard Lending 

3. Kealna Finance

4. Capita Credit Solution 

5. Elune Financial 

6. Stajic Lending 

7. Hynsdale Lenders

8. Amplified Credit

9. Egestin Lending 

10. Tezlico Lending 

11. Cederawood Funding 

12. Valgo Lending 

13. Volic Lending 

14. Northern Financial Services


16. Birchard Financial Group 

17. Lyon Lenders

18. Maplegrove Lending 

19. Magic Money Lending 

20. Metric Financial Services 

21. Financia Lending 

22. Burnview Financial Service

23. Pleasant View Financial Group 

24. Rocket Money Lending 

25. Martin Grove Financial 

26. Credit Pro Financial Loans

27. Glendfield Financial Group 

28. Windofrd Financial Services 

29. Surecash Financial

30. Compass Lending Service

31. Capital Direct Credit Service

32. London Group 

  • Website: 
  • Why fake?: Information manipulation, Unsecured website, insufficient information on their website

33. Altego Lending 

34. Gatesview Financial Service 

35. Celesta Lending 

36. Linstead Financial

37. Branton Financial

38. SS Finances

39. FitzGerald Financial Lending Group

40. Kenridge Lending

41. Overview Financial Service 

42. Tekuza Financial 

43. Southridge Financial 

44. DMO Credit 

45. Malco Ridge Lending

46. Stand Firm Credit Union 

47. Engelhart Financial 

48. Loan Away

49. Bosworth Funding 

50. Barnwell Financial Service 

51. Bocadel Financial 

52. MacCormick Loans 

53. Bankview Financial Services

54. Luxstone Financial 

55. Mapleridge Financial 

56. Richwood Lending 

57. Melville Financial Service 

58. Easton Lending 

59. Lernoud Lending 

60. Mynexpay

61. Metcalfe Lending 

62. National Equity Financial

63. Unionton Lending

64. All State Financial Service 

65. Ridge Ville Financial

66. Vinato Financial 

67. Kiniski Lending Service Company 

68. Central Credit Solution

69. FWCAP Invest

70. McLennon Capital 

71.  Northridge

  • Website:
  • Why fake?: Advance fee, insufficient information on their website

72. 955pret

73. Dallington Financial Services

74. Bellenden Financial 

75. Arkstone Financial Group 

76. Nwcomm Lending

77. Alina Financial Group 

78. My Online Cash

  • Website: 
  • Why fake?: Unsecured website, advance fee, insufficient information on their website

79. Quick Fund Financial Service

80. Alectric Funding

81. Cashway Loan

  • Website: 
  • Why fake?: Unsecured website, advance fee, insufficient information on their website

82. Provident Financial Service 

83. Highpointe Lending 

84. Fernwell Financial Service 

85. Lancaster Lending Services

86. The Great North Financial 

87. Norther Pines Lending 

88. Senior Companion Program

89. Brookfield Financial Loans

90. Fairstone Wealth Management 

91. Cash CowBoy 500

  • Website: 
  • Why fake?: Guaranteed approval, no credit check, insufficient information on their website

92. Lancasterls

93. Brookbanks Lending 

94. Speedy Pay Loans

95. Nationwide Canada Loan 

96. City Fund Financial Service 

97. Finsero 

98. Loanina Financing 

99. Citadel Financial Service 

100. Brikhaven Lending Group

101. Community Financial Services

102. Amprise Financial 

103. Avondale Financial Services

104. Platinum Financial Services Unlimited

105. Brafield Lending 

106. Bridgeland Financial Group 

This is in no way an exhaustive list. As noted earlier, I will keep updating this list as I come across other fake loan companies in Canada. Feel free to add your listing in the comments.

If you’re looking for a legitimate loan in Canada, check out the following:

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