Listing plastic items as toxic was ‘unreasonable and unconstitutional’ — Judge rules

A Federal Court judge has deemed the Canadian government’s decision to list plastic items as toxic “unreasonable and unconstitutional”, CBC News report.

The ruling, released by Justice Angela Furlanetto, argued that the broad classification of plastic manufactured items did not warrant a blanket toxicity label under federal law as not all items within this category pose harm. 

The case, brought by major industry players such as Dow Chemical and Imperial Oil, contended that the government lacked sufficient scientific evidence to justify such regulations. 

While Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault is considering an appeal, the decision challenges the government’s move to ban some single-use plastic items, including checkout bags and cutlery. The ban is part of efforts to address plastic pollution, a significant environmental concern. 

However, the ruling complicates the federal government’s ability to regulate plastics under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, with the judge emphasizing the need for a more targeted approach based on potential harm to the environment.

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6 months ago

Perfect. Guilbeault should go to hell.