Canada Labour Union withdraws strike action as Ford agrees to increase workers salary by 25%

Unifor, the Canadian labour union, announced on Sunday, 24th September 2023, that its members have agreed to a new three-year contract with Ford, the Detroit automaker.

Credit: Alan Diaz/Associated press

Under this newly ratified agreement, Ford has agreed to offer its union members increments in wages up to 25%. The contract stipulates a 10% wage increase for the first year, with additional increases of 2% and 3% for the subsequent two years. Also, all active employees will receive a generous $10,000 productivity and quality bonus.

Lana Payne, national president of Unifor, in his remarks stated that the deal will be of benefit to automobile workers tremendously.

“Your bargaining team pushed Ford of Canada on every front to deliver a contract that fundamentally transforms pension plans, provides protections during the (electric vehicle) transition, and includes the highest wage increases in the history of Canadian auto bargaining,” Payne said.

Unifor also negotiated for improved wages, bolstered pensions, support for transitioning into electric vehicles, and a commitment to additional investments by Ford.


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