Man Dies in Alberta RCMP Custody After Stun Gun Firing on Arrest

The Alberta RCMP reported a recent incident where a man passed away while in custody after being subjected to a stun gun during his arrest. 

The Slave Lake RCMP received a call regarding a man causing a disturbance and damaging property at a local business last Thursday afternoon.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers attempted to apprehend the person, who resisted arrest, resulting in a physical confrontation and the use of a conducted energy weapon. 

Alberta RCMP

After successfully placing handcuffs on the suspect, the police observed that the man had become unresponsive. 

Despite immediate efforts to save his life, including assistance from paramedics and fire services, the man was tragically declared deceased.

In response to this incident, the RCMP promptly informed the Director of Law Enforcement and initiated an internal review process. 

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team will also conduct an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the man’s death.

The investigation will encompass various aspects, including RCMP training, policies, the police response, and the duty status of the involved member.

Source: CBC News

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