Matthew Perry’s Cause of Death Finally Revealed

In late October, Matthew Perry, our Chandler Bing on Friends, was confirmed dead leaving fans asking about the cause of his death.

Last week, the Los Angeles county medical examiner’s office revealed that Perry died from the “acute effects” of ketamine, a party drug and, surprisingly, a treatment for depression. 

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry

Along with drowning, he had coronary artery disease and had taken an opioid drug called buprenorphine. He played pickleball, had ketamine therapy for his anxiety, and his assistant found him face down in the pool – no complaints, no sickness, nada.

Turns out, ketamine’s not just a party favour; it’s also used to treat depression in some trendy clinics. Perry’s levels were high, not from his last treatment, and an expert says it’s enough to make someone lose consciousness. Using sedatives in a pool? Super risky.

Perry was a legend on Friends, battled addiction, and wrote about it in his 2022 memoir. Life’s tough, man. Farewell, Chandler.

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