“We Must Not Tolerate Any Sort of Terror” — Mayor of Toronto To Deal With Pro-Hamas Supporters Within Her Jurisdiction 

Some Hamas supporters in Toronto were seen celebrating the terrorist attacks in Israel that resulted in the death of hundreds including Canadians.

Below is a short video showing the Hamas supporters celebrating yesterday at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto:

A lot of Canadians have condemned pro-Hamas rallies ravaging different parts of the country and are calling on the PM to take action. Nothing from his end yet.

Earlier today, the Mayor of Toronto, Olivia Chow revealed the knowledge of the pro-Hamas rally and sought to deal with them. Read her statement below as posted on X (Twitter):

We expect other political leaders at all levels to take action to avoid reoccurrence.

Update: Watch below another video of pro-Hamas rally in Toronto happening right now :

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7 months ago

Nothing from his end yet.

The PM just responded with condemnation. But he needs to act not just condemn.

Don Fitzgibbon
7 months ago

I wonder if the immigration issue has brought us a pack of troubles we really don’t want . There is no way to fully vet each and every immigrant and we may wake up some day to the fight being brought home