N.L. grandmother works 70-hour weeks to pay the bills

Newfoundland and Labrador Kelly Young is grappling with the harsh realities of the post-COVID economy as with many Canadians.

Kelly Young
Kelly Young | CBC News

With optimism and wry humour, Kelly juggles three jobs to make ends meet in a two-person household. She works 70-hour weeks, maintaining a full-time position as an administrator while moonlighting as a server. 

However, despite her extraordinary work ethic, there’s little room left after covering the bills, leading to a constant financial struggle. The story is not unique, as more Canadians find themselves compelled to work multiple jobs to afford life’s essentials.

In August 2023 Statistics Canada reported that one in three Canadians with multiple jobs now do so out of necessity to pay for food and shelter, compared to one in five just four years ago. 

Inflation and rising interest rates have exacerbated the situation, prompting concerns from provincial leaders and politicians. 

The rising cost of living in N.L., particularly for food, shelter, and energy, is affecting those who were once comfortable. 

Kelly Young, like many others, is constantly preoccupied with income and bills, resulting in sleepless nights. To address this, she took on a second job to supplement her income and find financial stability.

The ripple effects of overwork extend to family life, often leading to stress, divorce, and strained relationships. Families have less time for each other and struggle to participate in community activities. 

Kelly Young and her husband are like “two ships passing in the night,” with little time to relax or spend quality time together. It’s a challenging situation, but for many, it’s a necessary reality to make ends meet.

Despite the fatigue and challenges, Kelly appreciates having work, which she finds fulfilling. She acknowledges the severity of the cost of living, leading not only her but also her daughter to work multiple jobs to survive. 

The cost of living has become so severe that many young individuals are working just to make ends meet and struggling to enjoy life.

The struggle for many Canadians, like Kelly Young, is a stark reminder of the economic pressures that have emerged in the post-COVID era, forcing them to work tirelessly to meet basic needs.

Full story at CBC News

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