NDP Kinew Won Majority Seats To Become a Premier in Manitoba 

As projected by polls, the NDP Leader, Wab Kinew won the majority seats to become premier of Manitoba.

This is a historic win for Kinew as he serves as the First Nations premier. The victory is also a great wake-up for the NDP as the last time they held the premier position was in 2016, having held the position for 17 years..

Credit: MB Chamber

In his words:

“To the people of Manitoba on behalf of our team, I want to express our tremendous gratitude for this awesome responsibility that you have bestowed upon us,” Kinew, who easily won his seat in Fort Rouge, said in his victory speech.

He added:

“I want to say thank you because at the start of this campaign, our team made a decision. We chose to believe in you. We chose to believe that, given the choice, you the people of Manitoba would embrace a positive campaign focused on the future, focused on fixing health care and making the economy more affordable. And that you would reject the divisive message sent by our opponents.

I want to thank you for investing your trust in us.”

Source: City News & CBC News

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