Royal Canadian Mint. Introduces New $50 Coin Made Of 99.99% Gold 

The Royal Canadian Mint has introduced a new $50 bullion coin made from 99.99% pure gold., MTL Blog reports.

This 1-ounce coin, known as the 2023 $50 1-ounce 99.99% Pure Gold Maple Leaf Single-Source Mine bullion coin, is crafted entirely from gold sourced from Newmont’s Éléonore mine in Northern Québec. 

The Royal Canadian Mint meticulously refined the gold under strict protocols, emphasizing transparency in the origin of precious metals. In collaboration with Newmont Corporation, one of the world’s leading gold producers, the Mint created this coin to meet the growing demand for transparency.

The coin features an intricate engraving of Walter Ott’s Sugar Maple Leaf on the reverse, a hallmark of the Mint’s Maple Leaf family of bullion coins, with radial lines for added elegance. 

It incorporates security features such as micro-engraved maple leaf-shaped marks, denoting the year “23,” and Bullion DNATM technology to ensure authenticity and prevent counterfeiting. This coin represents a gleaming addition to the Mint’s impressive collection.

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