Here’s What a NICU Nurse Has to Say About Vaccine

“I am a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse. For almost 14 years I worked in some of the best children’s hospitals in the country. I have never really been one to question “modern medicine” until somewhat recently. When you work in healthcare, you mostly just assume that everything is research-based, done with purpose, and done for the ultimate good of the patient. “First, do no harm”, right? I think having my own child and realizing the gravity of my decisions regarding his care have made me dig very VERY deep into the research behind what has come to be second nature to the majority of us: vaccines.”

“I am not a crazy, emotionally-driven person. I think anyone reading this knows me well enough to appreciate that about me. My husband will tell you that I research things to death – it’s true. I don’t watch TV and I couldn’t care less about what Hollywood celebrities have to say about any topic. I never was even interested in the autism aspect/argument, and that is not at all what led me to start looking into vaccine research. It was actually one of my best friends who is a critical care pediatric nurse practitioner – she was always in favor of vaccines, worked in cardiac ICU and oncology units in reputable children’s hospitals and thought it was crazy not to vaccinate your kids. Flash forward to today and none of her children are vaccinated. She is one of the smartest, most well-read and well-researched people I know. She has written medical journal articles and has contributed chapters to medical textbooks. She does NOT make decisions without a great deal of research, thought and prayer. So when she did a 180 on vaccines, I listened. And I began to research on my own.”

I went from spending 14 years of my nursing career giving vaccines to my patients and thinking parents who didn’t vaccinate were irresponsible and crazy, to now recognizing the great harm that is being done to our children by the vaccine industry. Autoimmune disease, asthma, eczema, food allergies (especially peanut), seizure disorders, learning disabilities, chronic ear infections, allergies – all these health issues are running rampant in our kids.

I witnessed countless occasions of vaccine injury in the NICU, and the truly disturbing part is that it is considered “normal”. We would vaccinate babies and then inevitably that night or the next day the baby would have increased apnea spells (they would stop breathing), they would require increased ventilator support, they’d have more feeding difficulties or higher amounts of gastric residual/vomiting. The doctors were never surprised. This was just an expected response to vaccination. This was the standard in every NICU I worked in (that would be 6 different NICUs all over the country).

I also never ONCE, not in 14 years, observed a doctor giving true informed consent to parents regarding vaccinating their baby.

 It was our job as the nurse to get the parents to just sign the consent form after handing them a printed off sheet from the CDC which was strongly biased toward vaccination. If you were told the truth that your baby could stop breathing after getting vaccines, would you perhaps question it? Or at least ask to postpone until they are older? If you as a parent aren’t 100% certain that the medical intervention you are giving your child is safe and healthy for them, then you have the right (and the responsibility) to say no. Ask to wait. Ask to delay until you research further. You can always vaccinate later. You can never UN-vaccinate. Every state allows for vaccine exemptions for your child to attend public school. Most allow for religious or conscience exemptions (47 states) in addition to medical exemptions.

I am not demanding that you stop vaccinating your kids. I am simply urging you to question. Do your own research. Find sources that aren’t bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. Make sure there aren’t conflicts of interest. “

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