On This Day in Canada’s History (October 16)  

On this day in Canada

Below are the major events that occurred in Canada’s history on this day, October 16:

  • 1690: English forces demanded the surrender of Quebec. In response, French Governor Louis de Buade de Frontenac said: “I have no reply to make to your general other than from the mouths of my cannon and muskets”
Frontenac's reception of Sir William Phipps' envoy demanding Quebec's surrender in 1690. (Image Credit: Charles William Jefferys (1869-1951))
Frontenac’s reception of Sir William Phipps’ envoy demanding Quebec’s surrender in 1690. (Image Credit: Charles William Jefferys (1869-1951))
  • 1710: British troops took control of Port Royal in Acadia (now Nova Scotia).
  • 1841: Queens University was granted a Royal Charter.
Queens University
  • 1875: The first football game between Quebec and Ontario was played, resulting in a victory for Ontario.
  • 1970: Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act during the October Crisis, marking the first peacetime use of this act in Canadian history.
Pierre Trudeau
Pierre Trudeau
  • 1994: The Shreveport Pirates secured their first victory in the Canadian Football League, defeating the Sacramento Gold Miners with a score of 24-12 at home. However, the team folded in 1995.
Shreveport Pirates
Shreveport Pirates Logo.
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