Ontario doctor suspended for pro-Palestinian social media posts

Following Dr. Ben Thomson’s expression of pro-Palestinian views on X (formerly Twitter), he has faced significant repercussions, including suspension, threats, and the sharing of his personal address.

Dr. Thomson, a nephrologist at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, located north of Toronto, began sharing information and opinions on X in response to the brutal attacks by Hamas in Israel on October 7 and the subsequent Israeli bombings in Gaza.

Suspended Dr. Ben Thomson

On October 12, Mackenzie Health issued a statement via their social media accounts, declaring their commitment to “addressing social media posts from a few physicians and staff that do not reflect our views or values as an organization.”

This action was prompted by various complaints from colleagues who disagreed with Dr. Thomson’s social media posts and a threat made to the hospital. 

One of Dr. Thomson’s controversial posts, which contributed to his suspension and garnered disapproval from his colleagues, was in response to the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs’ X post. This post claimed that during the Hamas attack on several communities in southern Israel, babies were beheaded, and women were raped.

In response, Dr. Thomson wrote on October 10, “No babies were beheaded, there have been no confirmed reports of rapes. You repeat this nonsense out of racism. In the meantime, Palestinians are experiencing genocide and war crimes, and you are silent. History will judge you very badly.”

Two days after Dr. Thomson’s post, the White House, major media outlets, and Israeli officials retracted their earlier reports of babies being beheaded by Hamas, citing that these reports were unverified. Subsequently, Israeli military teams reported findings of signs of rape and torture among Hamas’s victims two days later.

Source: CBC News

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