Ottawa Principal apologizes for asking student to remove Palestinian flag from profile picture 

The principal of an Ottawa public school issued an apology after asking an elementary school student to remove the Palestinian flag from their profile picture during an online class. 

A video of the incident (hidden for underage identity protection) shows the principal asserting that “political statements are not for the classroom” and threatening to remove the student from class if they didn’t comply. 

In addition, the video shows the student expressing their feelings of exclusion and unwelcome treatment.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims arranged a meeting with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) to discuss the matter.

The OCDSB later issued a statement acknowledging that flags could be an important part of students’ identity. They apologized for any harm that may have been caused, emphasizing that students have the right to express their identity, background, or beliefs, though symbols of hate, discrimination, or violence are not tolerated. 

My thoughts? We’re in interesting times. Anything goes. 

Source: CBC News

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