Over 29,000 foreign fugitives at large in Canada — CBSA

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) reports that over 29,000 foreign fugitives are at large nationwide.

This includes foreigners convicted of crimes such as murder, assault, drug trafficking, fraud and theft.

In a report submitted to MPs), management referred to the 29,248 individuals as the “wanted inventory.” An additional 10,041 foreign individuals, who were prohibited from entering Canada, were successfully deported.

MPs have called for regular updates on the number of fugitives, a request stemming from a 2021 audit that revealed the CBSA had lost track of 2,800 foreign criminals within Canada. 

The audit further disclosed that a minimum of 70% of criminal cases were not subject to annual reviews, resulting in lapses year after year.

Previously obtained Access to Information records by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation indicated that foreign fugitives included individuals accused of grave offences, such as murder, assault, drug trafficking, fraud, and theft.

It is noteworthy that the CBSA allocates an annual budget of $34 million to sustain its deportation program.

More details at Blacklocks.

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