Passive Income Pathways (PIPs) Review: It’s All About Sadie Not You  

The Passive Income Pathways (PIPs) course claims to be the roadmap to financial freedom through various online income streams.  

Marketed as a comprehensive solution for those looking to break into the world of passive income, it offers courses covering blogging, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping among others.

The fundamental question is, does it truly deliver on its promises? 

I have been a member of the PIPs community for over a year and I’m here to share my experience with you.

Pros of Passive Income Pathways (PIPs)

Passive Income Pathways does have some positives worth mentioning:

  • Introduction to multiple online income methods: For beginners dipping their toes into the realm of passive income, PIPs offers a decent introduction. It covers a range of topics, providing a broad overview of various online income strategies.
  • Affordable pricing: They have a free blogging foundation course while the costs of the premium courses start at $7 per month for the Lite plan. This makes it accessible for those on a budget or unsure about committing to a higher-priced program.

Cons of Passive Income Pathways (PIPs)

However, there are significant drawbacks to consider:

  • Content depth: Despite covering a wide range of topics, PIPs is “a mile wide and an inch deep” as the courses lack depth, leaving users craving more detailed insights and actionable guides.
  • Inconsistency: The instructor is a jack of all trades. She jumps from one digital marketing method to the other as she constantly looks for ways to generate income through her students. This makes many students feel riffed off at the end of the day, having seen the instructor boast about her income growth while they struggle to earn a penny. 
  • Unqualified Instructor: It’s clear to even an amateur digital marketer that the instructor doesn’t have the required knowledge and experience to handle the program. This lack of qualifications drastically affects the quality of the content and the overall user experience. 
  • Limited student success stories: With Sadie being an unqualified instructor, it’s not surprising that PIPs lack student success stories. While some testimonials exist, they lack authenticity, making them appear fake. 

Sadie Smiley: The Face Behind PIPs

One of the things I look for when evaluating the quality of courses is the qualifications of the creator.

Sadie Smiley positions herself as an expert in the field of passive income, but many questions linger about her qualifications and experience. 

While she claims to have achieved significant online income through PIPs, she doesn’t have the capacity to mentor others due to her precedence which is marked with a series of failures.

There are also valid concerns regarding Sadie’s coaching style. She’s more focused on self-promotion than on providing genuine support and guidance to her students.

Low-Quality Content 

One recurring complaint about PIPs is the lack of quality content. 

Users describe the courses as bits and pieces of information that can easily be found through a simple Google search. 

Despite the promise of comprehensive training, many find themselves underwhelmed by the shallow depth of the material.

Personalized Community Experience

Sadie uses a Facebook group to attract and manage her clients.

I have been a member of the group for over a year and I can tell you that it’s all about Sadie, not her clients. 

She’s very active in the group because it’s her main marketplace. 

Regularly, she spams the group in a way that makes it obvious that she doesn’t have regard for her clients.

Below is one of her inconsistent posts in the group. 

You can see the contradiction! 😂.

Listen, it’s not worth wasting your time and resources. 

Poor User Experience

The user experience within the PIPs community is another area of contention. Many users express frustration with the lack of personalized support and guidance from Sadie. 

Instead of fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, the community appears to revolve around promoting Sadie’s products and affiliate links. 

Users who don’t conform to Sadie’s views or strategies are attacked or blocked to serve as a detriment to others. 

Worthless Pricing 

The pricing structure of PIPs offers three tiers: 

  • Lite: $7/month or $67/year (will be $27 next month)
  • Plus: $47/month or $447/year
  • VIP: $97/month

While the Lite plan may seem enticing with its low monthly fee, it lacks in-depth guidance and support, requiring you to upgrade to a higher tier with no viable results.

This upselling tactic, combined with the lack of transparency regarding additional expenses beyond the initial price, leaves many feeling misled and dissatisfied with their investment.

Verdict on Passion Income Pathways Review

Sadie’s Passive Income Pathways falls short of its promises to provide a comprehensive and effective roadmap to passive income success. 

While it offers a broad overview of various online income methods at an affordable price, the lack of depth in content, absence of significant success stories, and questionable instructor credibility raise doubts about its efficacy. 

Additionally, the community and pricing structures make it obvious that the course is not worth it for anyone looking for a successful passive income path.

Final verdict: you should consider other alternatives if you’re looking for genuine guidance and support in your passive income journey.

Considering that not every passive income works for everyone, I created a Facebook group where I provide free customized passive income recommendations based on your skills and passion. You can join the group by clicking this link. 

Don’t take it from me alone, you can read other people’s reviews of PIPs here

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