Plunging Polls May Influence Trudeau To Step Down as The Liberal Party Leader Ahead of Election— Liberal Stalwart Hints

Sen. Percy Downe, a long-time Liberal supporter and former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, has made a compelling call for the Liberal Party to seek a new leader to replace Justin Trudeau before the next election. 

In an opinion piece published yesterday in National Newswatch, Downe expressed his belief that another Liberal leader should emerge from the Liberal caucus to safeguard the policies Trudeau has been able to accomplish.

Sen. Percy Downe
Percy Downe

Downe emphasized the importance of returning the party to the center of the political spectrum as a prudent course of action for ensuring the Liberal Party’s chances of re-election. He also hinted that Trudeau might decide his leadership in February, which marks the 40th anniversary of Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s decision not to run for prime minister in 1984.

Sen. Percy Downe recognized Trudeau’s contribution in pulling the Liberal Party out of third place and securing a victory in the 2015 election. However, he held the Trudeau government accountable for what he perceived as fiscal irresponsibility, which he believed could lead to defeat at the hands of the Conservatives, led by Pierre Poilievre.

Downe contended that the Trudeau government’s lack of fiscal responsibility and its impact on the economy had eroded the support of centrist Liberals. He claimed that the government had disappointed those who had hoped to educate Trudeau and his inner circle about economics. Instead, they had come to see the government as lacking seriousness in economic matters, willing to spend recklessly, and indifferent to rising interest rates, the increasing cost of living, and mounting debt.

Moreover, Downe pointed out that the government had failed to follow up on its announcements with meaningful action, resulting in a loss of faith among other Liberals. He underlined the urgency for the Liberal Party to rebuild and realign itself as the only political force capable of countering the Conservatives, who he believed would bring about significant changes that progressives would oppose.

Downe also suggested the possibility of Trudeau and the NDP forming a coalition to secure a minority government after the next election, set for no later than October 2025. He posed critical questions about whether this would be the best outcome for Canada, given the country’s divisions, and whether it would be the best outcome for Justin Trudeau personally.

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6 months ago

That will still not do any good for the party. He has rubbed their fortune that will take years to regain.

Don Fitzgibbon
6 months ago

He has very little option at this point . Do it now and get the changes done before an election happens