Quebec Doubles University Tuition For Out-of-Province Students 

According to a recent article by CBC News Montreal, the Quebec government has announced that starting in the Fall of 2024, Canadian students from outside Quebec who come to study at a university in the province will pay twice as much in tuition. 

Currently, the minimum cost for out-of-province students to study in Quebec is $8,992. With the change, it will increase to almost $17,000, CBC learnt from Pascale Déry, the province’s minister of higher education.

The move is aimed at stopping subsidizing students from the rest of Canada who come to Quebec’s English-language universities for a cheaper education. 

The extra money will go to the Quebec government and is expected to amount to about $110 million every year, which will be used in part to fund Quebec’s French-language universities. 

According to Jean-François Roberge, the minister of the French language, the measures announced will allow the government to recover money that will be used to preserve, promote and enhance the French language in the university system. 

The new pricing model is expected to affect thousands of out-of-province students who attend Quebec’s English-language universities such as McGill University, Concordia University and Bishop University.

However, students who come to Quebec through international agreements, such as those from France or Belgium, will not be affected by the tuition fee change. The change also does not apply to graduate students from other provinces.

Source: CBC News

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