Quebec reduces tuition hike, makes French learning compulsory for out-of-province students

Out-of-province students in Quebec’s English universities are in for a tuition hike and compulsory French learning.

In October Québec doubled the tuition of out-of-province students in its English universities. 

Following public outcry, they decreased the hike and made French learning compulsory.   

New McGill, Concordia, and Bishop’s out-of-province students will pay at least $12k starting next fall –, against the whopping $17k increase in October. However, 80% of the students must learn how to speak French at Level 5 oral proficiency

Quebec’s higher education minister, Pascale Déry, thinks it’s a win for Quebec to teach French in English unis for the first time. Bishop’s gets a bit of a break, letting them keep the $8,992 tuition for 825 students, but they still need to hit that 80% French target. McGill and Concordia, though, might lose cash if they can’t get enough students to speak French.

Déry wants to fix what she calls the decline of French in Quebec. She doubled fees for students from the rest of Canada, saying they were hurting Montreal’s French vibe. English unis protested, offering to teach French to 40% of students, but Déry wasn’t buying it – she wanted 80%.

McGill’s prez, Deep Saini, says it’s unrealistic, both technically and academically. The $12k hike won’t help either, making McGill one of the priciest spots in Canada. McGill’s already seen a 20% drop in applications because of the planned hike. Bishop’s, on the other hand, is cool with the news, seeing it as a positive outcome, and they won’t be hit as hard. 

So, there you have it – tuition going up, French lessons are in, and not everyone’s thrilled about it. Tough break for students eyeing Quebec?

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5 months ago

Bull shit! They’re shooting themselves on the feet.

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