📌Question Of The Day: Is Canada The World’s Latest Laughing Stock? [Challenging The Evidence Before Us]   

Recent events require us to look inward and challenge the growing sentiment of Canada being the latest laughing stock in the world.

It’s almost difficult to keep a count of the embarrassments caused by our leaders daily.

Is it about the standing ovation to an ex-Nazi soldier which makes us synonymous with ignoramuses?

Is it about our PM’s climate obsession that will soon sideline us with the world?

Is it about the allegation that our PM was caught sniffing cocaine while on a G20 trip in India?

Or it’s about the recent allegation by CBC News that the amount Trudeau spent on Easter weekend vacation is far more than what was reported to the Parliament?

Folks, there are many questions to ask such as the regulation of online news platforms, podcasts and other online streaming services as well as the $10K bonuses given to construction companies to hire foreign apprentices.

The question is:

What must be done to restore our glorious image within and outside the country?

🙏 please let’s keep our primordial sentiments and political differences aside.

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Don Fitzgibbon
7 months ago

Anyone who thinks Canada is the world’s biggest embarrassment hasn’t watched the news from south of the border

7 months ago
Reply to  Don Fitzgibbon

Absolutely,, the misdeeds of the MP don’t equate to such description compared to what’s happening across the border

Don Fitzgibbon
7 months ago
Reply to  Hope

Trudeau’s behavior is clownish by times but I would rather have that than his predecessor’s attempts to scold people like putin and others and his illfounded attempt to inform Obama that we wanted a pipeline to the gulf coast and we wouldn’t take no for an answer . Clownish can be forgiven but pushyness gets you ignored by international leaders . In short the old saying that you catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar holds true